Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bringing back old memories

  It was 5 something in the afternoon. I asked my mom if I can call my grandfather. I called my grandfather to ask him if we can start the interview right now and he said ¨who is this.” My mom took the phone and then she said that it's your grandson. Then my grandfather said “ which grandson Diego or Nicolas” I said it was Nicolas it took a while to get my grandfather to answer my questions instead I answered his questions. Then I started to ask him my questions, but he said “what? Can you speak a little louder.” I told him “ok” so i started to speak loud and my mom asked why are you talking so loud and I said “My grandfather asked if I can speak a little louder” and then I started asking my grandfather the questions.                                                                                                                                                    
    The first question was, what did you do for fun back then? My grandfather answered with “ There were many things to do for fun back then, I played hide-n-seek, board games, little toys and many more.” I asked if he can tell me more about the things he did for fun. He said “ I played hide-n-seek and a game that is similar to the game that the americans play, but I forgot what its called.” I said “ is it like bingo” “Yes! That's the game, but instead of numbers it has pictures.” My grandfather said. I asked him if that’s all he played when he was younger. He said “ Yes that’s all  I played my parents didn’t have that much money.”  “Ok I will ask you another question now.”

     My second question i asked my grandfather was, how is music different than back then? My grandfather said “It was much different than now” I said “ Can you tell why it is much more different than now?” He said “why not? Music back then were much more different because the music used to be much more romantic and concerted and now I can’t even explain it.” I said “what do you like more, the music back then or the music now?” He said “ I would take the one from back then because It is better than now.”

   My third question was, was there different stuff for entertainment back then than now? I asked my grandfather. He said, yes that there many different stuff for entertainment back then. He also said that he didn’t have some of things because his family was poor. Then he answered my question and he said “ there were many things like the bikes and other toys, but there was also video games back then, but video games like the gameboy and stuff similar to that.” I asked if that was all and he said that that's all he can remember as an entertainment, so I asked him another question.                                               

                                                                                                          My fourth question was, what were your choices for a job back then? I asked my grandfather. He said “There was many, but the job I had back then was an Ice cream man when I was in my twenties because I couldn’t find a job, but my job right now is a janitor in a school, but anyway there are markets where people sold stuff, but there were jobs that are like now.” I said is that all you want to say he said “Yes.” So I moved on to the next question.

 My final question was, how is school different than back then? I asked my grandfather and he said “That there are a few differences” But then he asked me a question “ At school do they teach you english or spanish?” I told him that they teach us english. He said “ Ok in my school they taught us spanish and there were chalk boards instead of white boards and some of the classrooms didn’t have a roof and there weren't any computers in the classrooms.” I asked what would you like in school back then from now he said he would like the computers in the classrooms.” I told him that that was all of the questions I had for him and so he said good bye on the phone.

 In conclusion, my grandfather's name is Valentine and he is 70 and is in mexico. The whole we were talking spanish and most of the stuff is from mexico.         

Thursday, February 4, 2016

being tracked down

Owen and Claire arrived at that the old Jurassic park where Zack and Gray were, but the Indominus found them. I like this book, because its more of a survival book. I predict that the Indominuse is going to attack the next attraction, because Claire and Owen have past the attraction on the to the old park.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

back to Jurassic park

Zach found the old Jurassic park visitors cent, in the garage the was a car, but it had no engine. I like this book, because there's more stuff  then just talking. I predict that Owen and Clare are going to the visitors cent where Zach and Gray were and get attacked by the Indomius rex, because in the past Owen and Clare were trying to find Zach and gray and the Indominus is loose.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Chase

Owen goes out to find the Indominus rex, but he has to go with the volasoraptor and the Ingene team. I like this book because the book is more about the dinosaurs and less talking. I predict that the Indominus is going to control the raptors because they said that the beast is made up of two dinosaurs.

Monday, February 1, 2016

the eascape

I am reading Jurassic world. Zach and Gray tried to run away from the Indominus, but there was a water fall. I am liking this book because of all of the action that's happening. I predict that the valocerapersare are going to return, because there were a few of them still alive. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Race for survival

The Indominus has attacked Zach and Gray in the gyrosphere, but they escaped and jumped from a waterfall. I am liking tis book because there has been more about the dinosaurs and near deaths in this book. I predict that the Indominus is now going to attack the visitors centers because in the book they said that the gyrosphere is one of the attractions.   

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Attack of the Indominus

    I am still reading Jurassic world. Recently the Indominus Rex has broken out of its padlock and eaten two men. I am liking this book because there has been more action then the binging of the book. I predict that the Indominus is going to go on a rampage because in the book they said the dinosaur is going to go hunt now that its free.